Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fabulous Feminine Flamingos Find Fine Office

The Fabulous Feminine Flamingos now have their own official office.  They got rid of all my "stuff" (and there was a lot of educational "stuff"), cleaned it up, decorated it, and have their meetings, eat lunch (sharing the jars of candy with everyone in the school), and plan parties in there.  Sometimes they even sleep in there.  It is wonderful.  They have their own little space, and they are using their talents to bless others.  No one is left out, either.  All of the ladies in grades seven through twelve are included as part of the Flamingos.  

Their first real “job” was to clean up after a wedding.  There were around three hundred people there, and it was a lot of work.  It was after a delicious Mexican meal, so we had refried beans and guacamole all over our lovely plastic-gloved hands.  And we had a blast.  It is so fun to work together, and “many hands make light work”.  We were done in no time, and I really kinda hated to go home.