Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Passover Seder

Monday, April 21, was Passover.  We are Christians, but we do recognize the significance of the Passover.  Holding a Passover Seder is a wonderful way to learn more about how the Jews lived and worshipped, and it is also a meaningful way to remember that our Passover lamb was Jesus, offered so that the angel of death will pass over us just as he passed over the obedient, displaced Israelites around two thousand years ago on a sad, dark night in Egypt. 

The entire red room, grades seventh through eleventh, and all the teachers were invited.  The Flamingos figured out who would bring the chicken, potatoes, parsley, horseradish, matza, grape juice, boiled eggs, and lamb shank.  We lit the candles, prayed, sang scripture songs, listened as the ceremony was read, and then we ate.   At the meal we discussed the book of Revelation, the second coming of Christ, and a few other spiritual topics.  It is so delightful to share a meal and have encouraging, intelligent conversations with people whom you enjoy.  

Afterward we cleaned up and laughed about how pungent the horseradish was.  It was a memorable evening, and we plan to do it again next year.