Friday, June 6, 2014

Scrambled Parakeet Eggs

This is an example of a morning "science" item gone really weird.  Someone brought in some parakeet eggs for morning “science” time.  Then they gave them to the "Helpful Helpers", the third through sixth grade gentlemen.  These young men are a creative, curious bunch.  First, they cracked the eggs open and looked at the birds that didn’t make it to maturation.  Disgusting and smelly.  Then they decided that they would make scrambled eggs from the yellowy goupy ones.  They cracked them open, scrambled them, and put them in the sun on a large flat rock.  We are in Texas, and it was ninety degrees that day. 

After a few hours in the afternoon sun, it worked!  Although no one ate them, they had “cooked” scrambled parakeet eggs.  In one of the homes this prompted a young man to learn how to make real scrambled chicken eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches.  It is a strange way to discover the joy of cooking, I know.