Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Of Rats and Rain

     Every specific locale  has its own meteorological quirks, and one of those in our area of Texas is drought followed by deluge.  We had one of the latter this week, and it prompted an unusual series of events which ultimately affected our morning science time here at school.  Here is what happened.

1.  We received a deluge of rain.
2.  The rain infiltrated rodents' dens.
3.  The rodents evacuated their homes.
4.  Cats pounced upon the rodents.
5.  Cats brought dead, partially chewed rodents to their owners' doorsteps.
    (Whether the owners actually appreciate this or are impressed by their cat's prowess in hunting will remain undiscussed at this point in time.  Why the cats even do this, instead of eating their prey, will also not be contemplated yet.)
6.  Students at our school discovered dead rodents on their doorsteps.
7.  Students brought them in to get credit during morning science time.

    Yesterday morning we received two of these, a vole in a sandwich baggy, and a wet rat with one front paw missing in a bowl.  (How appetizing.)   Sorry about the blood on the history test; I needed a white background for the photograph.