Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Found: Native American Texas Artifact

      My great-grandmother was a Cherokee, so I love learning about the Native Americans--especially those who lived in this area before we were here.   Another wonderful perk of living in our lovely little metroplex of Rosebud-Lott is finding Native American artifacts.  We are currently studying American history, and as it is still early in the year we are studying the sad story of how the European settlers displaced these indigenous peoples.   I hope we have learned from our past mistakes.  

      The family of one of our students was digging the foundation of a house when they found this fine example of a scraper (top right).  The youngster proudly displayed it at school.  I told him to get a shovel and to go and dig up some more in that area.  About one hundred and sixty years ago bands of Apache Indians roamed these parts, and there are still a few proofs left of it.  I have yet to find an arrowhead myself, but the two smaller scrapers I found in the Marble Falls, Texas area.  The arrowhead in the picture was found locally by one of the church brothers while he was plowing.  The use of the rock with the hole in it is yet to be determined, but we have found several around here.  I was guessing weights for fishing nets?   If you have any insight please let us know.