Friday, October 10, 2014

Disc Golf: HOLE IN ONE!

      There are always those few “firsts” of the school year.  The first test, the first one hundred, and the first hole in one.  At our school, that means a disc golf hole in one.
      We have our very own little five-hole disc golf course right here at Lott Mennonite School.  You see, our principal enjoys playing disc golf, and he taught the students how to play.  When some of the playground equipment broke and needed replacing, someone suggested getting more than just our one disc golf basket.  It worked.  Now we have five.
     The first hole is about a hundred foot par two where the students tee off from the school entryway between the columns.  Every break, at lunch, and recess we hear “fore” yelled every time the front door is opened.  Our principal kindly offered 32 ounce Cefco drinky (as we call them around here) as a reward to anyone who could get a hole in one.    There have to be witnesses, of course.  So, we all rejoiced when a high school freshman got the first hole in one of the year.  His choice: Dr. Pepper.