Friday, May 15, 2015


      I’ve been to quite a few graduation ceremonies over the years, including four at the high school from which I graduated where the band members (including me) had to play Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance for almost two hours straight while over five hundred graduates walked across the stage.  But, the most recent graduation ceremony I attended was quite special.  

     These five students have been through a lot together.  They have worked exceptionally hard taking classes above and beyond the “normal” requirements (Algebra I and II, Spanish, Marine Biology, Human Anatomy. . . .)  They have worked together for four years studying, making study guides and sharing them, quizzing each other, writing endless essays for my English and history classes, performing dissections, and discussing Biblical doctrine.  They have also thrown a lot of frisbees, perfected their softball technique, and shared a lot of meals, honor roll parties, and  after-school work projects.  They also have fun (see the last picture).  

     So, it was with a lot of emotion that we celebrated their graduation with them.  We had shared so many precious moments together and have so many marvelous memories.  And with this ceremony-- (or within two days anyway),  it is all over.  We will all go our separate ways, and while we will still see each other at times, it will be so different.  

     I am so happy for each one of these special people, and I am looking forward to hearing what they will accomplish in the future.  

the Lott Mennonite School Class of 2015
L to R -  front row:  Diana Wesselink, Alexis Miller, Jerilyn Friesen, 
back row:  Joseph Swanson, Timmy Fisher