Thursday, May 21, 2015

Falling Off a Cart at the Store

      This picture really should have gone in my “working together” post, but it didn’t, so here it is now.  And here is the story behind it.  We had to go shopping to get all the food and decorations for the graduation reception and the last honor roll party that the 7th-12th graders were preparing for the rest of the students.  We arrived at the store, got a cart, and loaded up the humans.  You see, the other four upper-grades gentlemen had other plans that evening, and so it was that we ended up with just one gentleman.  And, being a true gentleman, he offered to give the ladies a ride while the cart was not yet full of groceries.  Things were going pretty well until he went around a corner and one of the ladies tumbled off and went splat in the aisle in front of a man and his family.  She was right in his path, and so he had to veer around her.  Fortunately, he was extremely good-natured and laughed and talked to us a bit.  Being the teacher here, I had to put an end to the fun as it was getting a little dangerous and I didn’t want any of the students in my charge to be run over by a grocery cart.  When you spend time with remarkable people 1.) it is never boring and 2.) it is always fun.  And my students are remarkable people.