Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to Make a No-Sew Haversack

     This was our art project the last week of school, so that we would have something in which we could collect all of our “stuff” that we needed for our Sherman’s March to the Sea Honor Roll Party.  To learn more about that, click here.
     I was originally looking for Civil War-era haversacks, which these aren’t exactly.  But they were sorta similar, and they were no-sew, and they used recycling old t-shirts, so it worked.

     First of all get an old t-shirt.  
     Next, mark a straight line 6 ½” from the bottom of the t-shirt.  Then, cut lines straight up from the bottom of the shirt to the line you drew.  Make these cuts about 1” apart.

     After that, cut off the sleeves including the seam, and the neck line, cutting down into a large “V” so that the opening of the bag will be a little larger.

     Last, tie each of the pairs of fringes on the bottom in two knots and pull tight.  

     If these were done with brownish shirts they would look Native Americanish, if they were done with bright colors they would look more beachish, and if they were done with interesting print t-shirts, they would be even more creative.