Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Salad Dressing Vs. Apple Laptop

       I cannot help it.  I see words misspelled and it bothers me.  Maybe I'm strange, maybe I'm weird, maybe I'm a teacher and I want my students to spell well.  So, I noticed this lovely sign, and I turned around, drove back, and took a picture of it.
      Now let us make the correction.  It is supposed to be spelled R-A-S-P-B-E-R-R-I-E-S.  And when I teach my students a word like this one, I would have them enunciate the "P" very loudly and on purpose.  They never actually say it that way, but they do spell it that way because saying it funny helps them remember how to spell it.  And I do want them to know that even in this day and age of text typing (no comment--I do not have an hour to delve into that topic) spelling does indeed matter.  
       In fact, it matters so much that as I was typing this post, I had to stop and make several corrections to make sure that it doesn't have any dreadfully misspelled words because a certain member of my family who will remain unnamed spilled salad dressing all over my laptop keyboard.  Now, I have ruined computers by spilling Dr. Pepper and coffee all over the keyboard, but salad dressing doesn't exactly ruin it.  It actually kind of oiled the keys on the right, and then it really slowed down the keys on the left.  So I have to really punch the "E"s, "K"s, and a few letters on the bottom.  

     If I do not, it comes out like this:

      Dear family member who spilled salad drssing all over my computer eyboard, I completely forgive yo for doing that.  I hold o ill will against yo.   Althogh it is rather frstrating when certain letters do ot come out when I press on the keys,  I loe you ayway.  
Loe, Mo

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