Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer School = Butterflies and 8-Foot-Long Bicycle Thing

     Today was another project sort of day.  We need to enjoy these special days before school starts and we will be spending more time inside and less time outside.   We will also be spending more time on math, English, science, and ironing (for me), and not as much time making huge messes in the garage and getting our clothes all dirty and greasy.   

     Each of my younger children had a little project today.  My son took the engine to our old lawnmower which did not work any more, mounted it on a board, took it all apart and showed me the pistons, spark plug, gas squirter thing, oil squirter thing, timing gears and I’m not even sure what else.  He could manually move all the parts around and he is really learning how all these parts work.  That is educational.  Maybe that is why he has learned to build weird stuff like this out of a unicycle, two-by-fours, an extra bike wheel, lights and brakes.  Yes, he added brakes and lights, too.  Pretty neat-o.  It worked pretty well until my eighteen-year-old tried to make a sharp turn into the park and ended up in the woods.  

     My daughter noticed that this morning our chrysalis had hatched and we watched a lovely swallow tail butterfly stretching its wings.  I was so excited that I forgot to snap a picture as it flew up and away over the top of our house.  That was when I was distracted by the engine.    

      After that we observed several of these lovely creatures on some of our trees.  

     Next we all loaded up the car and went to help dad finish decorating his room.  For now though, we are relishing these last days of summer before a different kind of fun begins.  
 And the title of this picture is "Cats Sleeping on Chairs with Engine".