Thursday, June 16, 2016

Be Sweet to Bears

After our delightful whale and dolphin sightings, we drove about six hours north and arrived at Denali National Park around midnight.  The camping check-in office closed at eleven p.m., so we slept in the car.  Not fun.  But, after two years of planning and saving, we were finally in Denali.  The next morning we set up camp at the Riley Creek Campground near the entrance to the park, then purchased tickets for our first bus ride into the park. 
 This was taken at Polychrome Overlook.  To get here the bus drove around a tight curve with a 770 foot drop on one side.  I did not look down.  On our very first bus ride we saw sheep, caribou, and a grizzly bear.  This made the whole trip worth it.

Cars are rarely allowed on the main road, only buses are usually there.  There is no hunting allowed inside the park itself, so the animals are used to only buses (quiet buses, stopped, with quiet people taking pictures inside) and come quite close to the road.  It was absolutely amazing.   I'm so glad God made bears.