Monday, June 20, 2016

Hiking in the Mountains with Mr. Marmot

 We began our second day at Denali packing up our campsite, loading everything into our backpacks, and heading off for the hills.  We hiked four miles up into the mountains and enjoyed the lovely views and a hoary marmot which ran across our path. (Yes, that is snow in the picture. It snowed on us five different times during this one hike.)

After our hike we took it easy and jumped on the bus for another twenty mile (or so) ride into the park where we got to see another grizzly bear.  
 We also enjoyed seeing the caribou and moose antlers at the Toklak visitor's center fifty-two miles into the park.  (These are not horns; animals which shed every year have antlers; animals which keep theirs [like sheep] have horns.)  
After the bus ride we set up camp at the Igloo Campground, about thirty miles into the park, where we would be staying for three nights.  There were only seven sites at this campground so it was pretty quiet.  It was around thirty degrees every morning and it rained every night; thus the tarp, which helped the rain situation but not the temperature.  I wore a knit cap and pulled my sleeping bag all the way over my head every night to help that.