Monday, July 11, 2016

We Traveled From New Holland to Sing in . . . New Holland

(We actually live in Terre Hill.)  Today we worshipped at New Holland Mennonite Church in Wagoner, South Carolina.  They served us lunch at the church and then most of us headed back to our hosts for a nap.  Well, Jeff took a nap.  I read my book about the Warsaw Jewish ghetto uprising.  It is amazing.  But I digress, after the "nap" we drove back to the church, practiced with the children's choir there, and enjoyed the lovely acoustics during the concert where we sang to a very receptive audience.  I would have gotten a picture of that but I think my camera broke.  Thanks to Joe Ebersole for these pictures of the church and our amazing CD table team, Gary Hurst, Darl Horning, and Kendra Miller.