Saturday, July 9, 2016

The First Concert Is Now History

Friday morning we practiced, enjoyed some delicious pizza, loaded the bus, and embarked on tour.   
Neither of us planned to match, but Jason and Jen both wore gray, and Jeff and I both wore purple.  They were married last month; we were married 25 years ago.  
We had a delightful practice with the some of the school students from Island Creek Mennonite School, directed by Debbie Miller, their teacher and an Oasis alto.  In this picture we were practicing how to stand up straight and tall while we sing.  
A resounding summer thunderstorm accompanied us during the concert, but the show went on.  I was especially glad to see many old friends from our former church in Harmony, North Carolina.   After the concert we visited with them and new friends from music camp, then departed to our hosts' homes for the evening.  We were back on the bus at 8:00 this morning, headed towards South Carolina.