Monday, December 19, 2016

The View From My Desk

I have never been a fan of bouncing balls of any kind.  They seem to elude me when I try to kick or hit them.  They seem to hit me in the head when I am trying to avoid them.  But the worst part about balls is the loud noise they make when they are being bounced while I am teaching. 
So, I was patient for several months, and then I decided to enforce THE RULE.  THE RULE is that students are not supposed to bounce balls in the all purpose room, which just happens to be right outside my door.  But, I'm trying to be good-natured about it all.  So MY RULE is that if they do break THE RULE, I will confiscate the ball.  It can easily be redeemed with any type or size of chocolate.  In the meantime, my legs are getting a little extra exercise under my desk.