Thursday, June 28, 2012

What should a teacher do in the summer?

1.  Relax

2.  Go on a trip or vacation.  We save up our "birthday money" from relatives and any other money we earn on the side all year long.  We drive in our 8  year old car, we eat from a cooler, buy food at a grocery store, and we stay with friends or in decent hotels.  We did this one for around $2,000.  (TX, MI, ONTARIO, KY)  Goal for 2013, Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, Route 66, Hwy. 1 in California, Alaska, Bering Straight into Siberia.  Seriously.  

                                               Casa Loma castle in Toronto, 2012.

                                                Niagara Falls - Canadian side, 2012

                                                Andes Mountains, Peru, 2008

                                              the Alamo, San Antonio, TX  2004

3.  Read good books about education.

Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire-  Rafe Esquith
If You Can't Manage Them You Can't Teach Them- Kim Campbell
The 55 Essentials - Ron Clark

4.  Write down your ideas from #3 in an idea notebook.

5.  Attend a workshop or conference.  This year we are going to Faithbuilder's Teacher's Week.

6.  Shop and look for interesting books, decorations, "hands-on" educational games, and items from other countries for social studies.  We find most of ours at garage sales and thrift stores.

7.  Decorate and set up your school a week or so before school starts. 

8.  Read "More Things Teachers Should do in the Summer"