Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Italian Restaurante Achievement Party


You are invited to an evening of fun and festivities  

on Friday, October 29th, from 3:30 to 7:30 in the evening.  

Please be ready at 3:30 Friday      

afternoon.  You may bring clothes to change into after school.

We got a super-couple to help us.  Some of these parents are amazing!  We dressed up in black and white.  The men wore big chef hats and we all had white aprons with carnations (plastic ones).

The children played the basketball game “knock-out”  while we got dressed.  We then lined them up and welcomed them to our “Italiano Restaurante”  (with Italian accents of course).  We had green and white table cloths, napkins and plates.  We decorated the tables with candles and wrought iron decorations.  We played opera music in the background.  We announced A and B Honor Roll and gave them certificates and a bookmark we made and laminated that read,  “Your School Name Honor Roll Fall 2010”.  We first served them punch, then garlic bread and salad.  We had a pasta bar buffet they could go through:  two kinds of pasta, red sauce, and a crock pot of meat balls.  We also had olives and peppers in pretty bowls.  I couldn’t find Italian ice so we had sherbet with little cookies stuck in it. 

After this we played our favorite game- Pictionary.  It was boys against girls.  It was a fun night even if the boys did win.  We thought maybe it was a little too silly for the older students.  On the way back over to the school I heard one of the older girls tell her friend, “I wish it could have lasted all night.”  :-)
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