Wednesday, July 4, 2012


     This was so much fun we'll probably do it again for the last Honor Roll party of the year next year.  We tried to involve as many people from our church and the neighborhood so they could join in the fun.  We put them into four teams with 4-5 students on every team.  One or two older students were designated team leaders, and had to decide in what order they would get the photos.  Each team had one or two of the school parents for drivers.  Once all the pictures were taken and we were back at church, a technologically advanced person (unlike myself) put all the pictures into a slide show while we ate dinner.  After dinner the students themselves, in the form of their pictures projected onto a screen, provided the entertainment :-).                                             

                                             Welcome to the Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Please read and obey all the rules at ALL times.

1.  Drive safely and be careful.

2.  Do not do or say anything that will be a bad witness to others.

3.  ALL members of your group MUST be in all pictures unless it says otherwise.

4.  You must be back at the school by 6:00 or we will deduct 50 pts. for EACH minute you are late.

5.  Check to make sure your camera is working properly.

6.  Call your teacher if you have any questions.   444-444-4444
A photo of.....

5 people reading in a library....                                                    100 pts.
entire group on the _______’s porch                                           100 pts.
entire group on the __________’s porch holding a cat                200 pts.
entire group inside trusses                                                            200 pts.

entire group in the back of Lawrence’s truck                                 200 pts.

two people from your group with spoons in their eyes                   100 pts.

whole group passed out                                                                  100 pts.

whole group jumping IN the air (all in air)                                     300 pts.

one person from your group on top of round hay bale                    200 pts.

youngest girl in your group “driving” a tractor                              200 pts.

whole group with ________ (person in your church)                        500 pts.

1 person holding a chicken                                                                300 pts.
whole group spelling out a 3 letter word (on ground)                       300 pts.       
(photo taken from up high looking down)

whole group up in a tree                            500 pts.

entire group having a water fight at the car wash            1,000 pts.

2 girls  with _______  (oldest lady in your church)                                   800 pts.
whole group in front of modern art sculpture (or local landmark)             500 pts.       

whole group with _________ (youngest child in your church)                     500 pts.
one person from group getting money from a bank teller                              500 pts.

one group member milking a cow    (or goat)                700 pts.
one group member milking a cow (or goat) squirting the  milk
     into another group member’s mouth                1,000 pts.

all the men and boys in your group in front of Peter’s store with car hood open looking at engine-- store sign MUST be visible in the background                                300 pts.

one girl with Rachel Miller holding a jar of jam            600 pts.

picture of a genuine mounted sword fish                 500 pts.
one person from your group dressed in REAL Amish clothes   1,000 pts.

photo of real sheep                                  300 pts.
whole group with __________ (older man in your church)                `        500 pts.
whole group building a mini barn with real tools            500 pts.

whole group with the town mayor                        700 pts.

a dog licking  group member’s face                    300 pts.
whole group with Ryan and Esther                     600 pts.

one person “driving” a real fire truck                    600 pts.

whole group with a deacon or elder                         500 pts.
2 people from your group inside a mini barn that is loaded on a truck                      1,000 pts.

whole group with Carson at Hensel’s Hardware              500 pts.
one person “serving” behind counter at Dollar Store        1,000 pts.

whole group with a resident at a nursing home              700 pts.
one random FUNNY picture of whole group                1,000 pts.