Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cow Eyeballs and Hearts

The anatomy class has amazed me a few times this year.  They seem to really enjoy the class and studying the book, “Human Body” by Jay C. Wile and Marilyn Shannon.   

The cow eyeball was pretty interesting.  They learned all about the optical nerves, irises, lenses, and retinas.  The girls were intrigued too.

This is a picture of the fluid being removed from the lens.  

From left to right, the cow’s lens, iris, and tubeium.  

Boys will be boys.

Then came the cow heart-- or as they called it, “roast beef”.  Some of them decided they’d never eat roast beef again.  

They had to cut the heart open, then stick their fingers through the tubes until they touched in the middle of the heart.  They learned about relaxed and contracted ventricles, blood pressure and the fact that in just one minute, the volume of all the blood in  your body passes through the heart.

Maybe we will end up with a few missionary nurses or doctors here too, along with some teachers I hope.