Friday, April 12, 2013

A Confession

Last month I turned fifty, and I am not ashamed of that.  I am happy that I am where I am, and I just remind myself that the Bible says my gray hairs are a crown of wisdom --although my gray doesn’t look like a crown, it looks more like a skunk stripe down the middle of my head.  But, my age can be a hindrance at times.  For example. . . .

This past summer I attended Teacher’s Week at Faithbuilders, which is a wonderful way to get motivated and inspired, and to get lots of new ideas from other teachers as well.  When I filled out my preregistration form, one of the classes that I marked to attend was “Intermediate Excel”.  

“Oh, how wonderful,” I thought, “I can learn how to help those intermediate middle-school aged children want to excel more.  You know, the elementary grades are always pretty well motivated, as are the high schoolers, but those intermediate students, well, I really want to help them excel.”

Then I got some more information closer to the date of the event and read that I was supposed to have a laptop computer for the “Intermediate Excel” class.  “Oh, wow,”  I thought this time.  “We are going to help these intermediate students learn how to excel by doing some computer stuff.  Now that should really help them want to excel.”

So I went to Goodwill Computers and bought a used Mac lap top.  

I lugged that heavy thing (it is an older Mac) through the airport and security checks and all over the place.   It was a pain.

Then at the orientation session they said something about everyone who signed up for Intermediate Excel having Windows, and then I realized my misunderstanding.  Silly me, this wasn’t a class to help intermediate students excel, this was a class for Excel - the computer program or application or whatever you call it.  

This is why people like me have Macs.  I had to laugh at myself, which is a very good thing to do when you are a teacher and you mess up and do something stupid like this actually in front of other people.