Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Good Teachers . . . .

We have a good friend we met at Shenandoah Music of Institute and Art.  He is also a teacher, and his sister is his co-teacher.  After seeing his pictures from this past school year, I asked him to share.  Here they are for you to enjoy as well.

Good teachers . . . 

find creative ways to fix sports equipment, and have students who trust them enough to stand on their shoulders,

spontaneously go outside to watch a field burning,

make school interesting and educational by having special events for their students, (this was made inside a small classroom with large branches, fabric, candles and lanterns),

take the extra time and effort to do science experiments,

roast marshmallows over candles to make smores with their students, 

put fly heads under microscopes and figure out how to take pictures of them,

have fun art projects for their students to do (this was a large rocket made by gluing popsicle sticks together, placing newspaper dipped in a flour-water mixture over it, painting it, filling it with candy, and...bashing it to get the candy out),

and have students who let them know they are appreciated and will be missed over the summer.

Thanks to Edwin Bontrager and his sister Mari at Santa Fe Mennonite School in Lake Butler, Florida for sharing these with us.