Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Students Snag Giant Texas Centipede

Mean.  Scary.  Texas Giant Centipede.  
The last day of our church’s annual father-son campout always includes a meal which the men cook and then invite the ladies.  After this scrumptious meal had begun, my husband heard little girls screaming.  They had found an eight-inch adult Texas centipede.  
He promptly yelled for one of the more gregarious, helpful boys to get a cup which proved to be too small for the centipede, which escaped.  It then climbed up a tree while being chased by a crazy teacher and his students.    One of the dads somehow got the creature off the tree and into a bag.  Next they yelled for the gregarious student’s dad, who is gregarious himself, to get them a better container.  He arrived with a container that had bacon grease residue in the bottom.  They got the centipede out of the bag and into the bacon grease, which he evidently enjoyed eating.   

These marvelous creatures can grow to be about a foot long, and have a nasty sting.  

He (or she?) is happily living on top of my husband’s desk now, enjoying meals of crickets.  The students are enjoying looking at another wonderful piece of God’s creation.