Thursday, December 5, 2013

The December Cotton Caboose and Getting Stuck in the Mud

The December 2013 issue of the Cotton Caboose is now available.  Getting it printed was quite an ordeal.

The first four pages are printed side-by-side, back-to-back, so once we got that situated and they began to roll out of the copier, the girls and I headed off to buy more 11x17 paper.  We left the gentlemen at Parson’s Office Supply to fold until we returned. 

We purchased the paper and made a quick stop at a thrift store on the way back.  When we arrived, they had almost folded the first five hundred copies all by themselves and made us feel a little guilty for stopping at the thrift store.  We did assemble this little three-tiered tray we had purchased at the thrift store for my daughter’s birthday.  They were not impressed. 

Here is a picture to prove that the girls really did fold their fair share of the 1,800 pages.

And here is a picture to prove that teachers have a hard time backing out of driveways in big long twelve passenger vans.

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