Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Fun Day #8 - Open House Practice

Geometry lessons

Each February we have our annual Open House.  The students teach lessons and the parents get to participate, as well as see what goes on inside the school walls 180 days a year.   We practiced after lunch, so that was our "fun and different" activity of the day.   In the evening the parents watched the students teach the classes, sang, drew a picture, and played a game.  It was a delightful evening.

 Physics experiment

The ladies in charge of the snack decorated with an old-fashioned theme.

Welcome to the Lott Mennonite School Open House

Introduction -   Timmy 

Traci - Algebra lesson

Joseph - Alegbra II lesson
 Bill Zeluff headed north at noon at 50 miles per hour.  At 2:00 p.m. Calvin Miller headed north from the same general location at 70 miles per hour.  What time was it when Calvin Miller got within 40 miles of Bill Zeluff?

Lori - Tarantula facts

Miss Delores’s class - Math facts

Lynita - Poetry reading

5th grade -  Oral Math problems (Logan, Treva, Shawna)

Jerilyn - Drawing lesson

Joseph - Chemistry experiment

Lexi- Physical Science lesson

Orange Room - Southern Europe Geography Song and explorers presentation

Mary - Class Voice lesson

Jerilyn - Geometry lesson

Lexi - Geometry lesson

Timmy, Anthony and Joseph - Physics experiment

Logan - Spider in the Web game in the Fellowship Hall

Snack - Diana, Katie, Traci, Lynita, and Mary in the Fellowship Hall