Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Does Your Hair Count for Science?

      Every morning our students bring in “science”--anything from God’s creation-- to share with the rest of the students, and to earn a few extra fake dollars for the end-of-the-year auction.  They all learn more about science, it is interesting and educational, and our collection grows.

      Inevitably, after the gentlemen get a hair cut, we get the question, "Does your hair count for 'science'?"
         Yes, your hair does count for science.  They bring in handfuls of their own hair in little baggies.  It does get a little annoying, however, when they play with it at their desks, put it on other students’ desks, and draw little fake people with real hair on their fake heads, or use it to tape fake moustaches on their real faces.   Teaching is never boring.