Wednesday, April 30, 2014


          I appreciate it when brothers and sisters share.  In this case, they shared a rattlesnake.  Their dad had run over it the day before in his Choice Books van.  Being a good dad and knowing his children would love to bring in a real rattlesnake, he stopped, picked up the snake, and put it in the van.  I’m not sure what Choice Books would think about having a dead rattlesnake in their van, but I didn’t ask.
For science the next day, the brother brought in the rattles, and when I got over to the sister I saw she had the huge dead snake in the box.  
Good dads, Choice Book vans, and sharing make a good combination.  
           And this young lady got to hold my coffee cup while I took pictures of a snake which happened to be in the middle of the road at the wrong time.