Thursday, April 10, 2014

Snakes on the Ceiling


     Ok, I admit it, I love to hang things from the ceiling.  But I have good, educational reasons, you see.  The fruit is part of our “Fruit of the Spirit” theme.  The fiesta flowers just got left up after the Mexico part of the honor roll party, and then we added the snakes.
We were studying the weather patterns in science and how warm air rises.  To demonstrate this, I had them all draw and then cut out snakes from construction paper.  Then we added a string to the head.  Next I brought in a space heater.  Each student got to hold his or her snake over the space heater and watch how the warm air rising made their snake spin around.  Then I got a ladder and we hung them from the ceiling.  

I liked all the decorations, so I just left them up there.   A mentally stimulating environment is way better than a stale, plain, boring one any day.