Friday, July 18, 2014

Singing and Traveling with the Oasis Chorale, Part I

      My husband and I just spent a fabulous three weeks with the Oasis Chorale.  It was a delightful experience.  These people are wonderful.  The discussions were relevant and thought-provoking, the laughs hysterical, the music superb, and my horizons were broadened.  Every teacher needs to do something like this every so often.  
Photo Bomb by Gene Miller

     We memorized, practiced, and sang and sang.  It was all well worth the effort when we got to sing together at concerts.  After every concert in Ireland and England, people came up to us and asked us very pertinent questions about our faith and doctrine, and the practical applications of them.  It was unexpected, yet very refreshing to discuss spiritual issues with people of different faiths who were very eager to learn more about what we believe. 
There was so much to see and do.  The next several posts will continue the story.   To read more about Oasis Chorale click here, or click on the Oasis Chorale picture on the sidebar to go directly to the OC website.