Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Birds, the Bees, and a Mini House; What Students Can Do in the Summer, Part III

     While I was visiting some of our students recently, they showed me some of the creative activities they had been enjoying this summer.   The sister was bird watching.  This is a scissor tail swallow nest in a tree so low you could just walk up to it and look inside.

      Her brother was learning to be a bee keeper.  It was going pretty well until all the bees escaped.  But before they flew off to wherever it is that bees go when they escape, they made these really neat honeycombs he can bring in for science next year.


     One day the brother and his father made this neat little cardboard house, with a door, window, and real metal roof.  Their mother has both her son and daughter enrolled in a summer reading club, and the sister is continuing her piano lessons             during the summer.

      There are many creative activities students can do and much they can learn in the summer.  Teach them to be looking at the world around them, and to always be learning something new, or to be busy with something they already know how to do and enjoy.  This type of learning continues beyond the classroom.