Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Flamingos and Friends at Garage Sales

     The first Saturday in November is the day for “Rosebud’s 100+ Garage Sales”.  Even though some of our men were singing in the Southern Singers Men's Chorus, the rest of us grabbed our jackets and held our now annual hot dog and bake sale.  
     The night before most of the ladies met to bake and have a little party.  It was Lexi’s fifteenth birthday, and they celebrated in style.  Diana made this amazing cake, the other junior high and high school ladies decorated the room, and we all had a great time--even when the umbrella tipped over and spilled a few drinks.  
     The next morning they were at our house at 5:30 a.m.  I can’t even drink coffee at that hour.  They added breakfast burritos to the menu and they were delicious. I know because I bought one.  Then I bought my neighbor one.  Then another neighbor came and bought twelve.  Eventually we sold out, but that was all right because the gentlemen had fired up the grill and were making hot dogs and fabulous-smelling grilled onions and peppers.  
     The younger students had their own table and sold homemade punch and yummy blueberry and banana muffins.  I ate some and they were so good I bought my neighbor one, too.  
      After the crowds dwindled down they began riding bicycles and taking turns swinging on a homemade swing.  It was a tiring, but delectable and delightful day.