Friday, January 16, 2015

Chicken Wire Art

     For our latest art project I decided to do something a little weird.  I asked the school board if I could buy a roll of chicken wire for an art project, and they said "yes".  Then I gave a section of chicken wire to each of my students, instructing them to use it in a way that would include weaving or hanging.  The results were all different, but creative, each in their own way.  (By the way, I told them they could do almost anything except hang pictures on it.  We’re saving that for the next art project.)
Here are a few of my favorites.  

Chicken wire can be turned into a fish tank,
a pizza, 
or an algebra clock display with music behind it.
You can weave things into it too, like men’s old ties,
pipe cleaners,
or old rusty chains and drill bits.
You can hang things on it like socks and gloves,
bows, jean pockets, God’s eyes and music notes.

If you put some burlap behind it, it looks more countrified.