Thursday, February 5, 2015

Balloon Day - February Fun Day #3

     Our third February Fun Day was “Balloon Day”, upon which we let the students blow up balloons and then put them wherever they wanted.  I thought, of course, we would have them on the desks, and on the floor.  But our students are way more creative than that.  So is the principal.  This appeared at the door while I was giving a spelling test.  
     Next the students began making balloon animals, writing on balloons, and performing science experiments with balloons.  You see, if you create static electricity by rubbing the balloons on your hair or clothing, then they “stick” to whatever you stick them to.  Like your head.  Or your desk.  Or the wall.  
     Then, they combined the animal-making balloon thing with the electron-sharing balloon thing, and we had balloon animals stuck to several doors in the school.  Life with creative students is never boring.  
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 Balloons make good pen toppers, too.