Friday, February 20, 2015

Historical or Bible Character Dress-up Day - February Fun Day #15

Mark Twain
     Last year we had a Bible character dress-up day.  This year we decided to have a Bible or historical character dress up day.  As usual, our students impressed me.  They really are learning!  
Albert Einstein
Harriet Tubman and Mary Lincoln
President Harrison (check out the hair in the little poster!)
Charles Lindbergh
Daniel Boone
Mark Twain with Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female physician.
The teachers dressed up too.  Here are a Puritan lady and Lydia, appropriately wearing purple.
And here is Lydia joined by Rachel, Samuel, and Almonzo Wilder.
And, this was their idea.  Look closely-- Daniel Boone, Mark Twain, and Albert Einstein turned in their papers today. 
Bravo for student creativity!
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