Thursday, March 5, 2015

Talent Show Day -- February Fun Day #19

      We save the best for last.  The last week of February Fun Days includes our Talent Show.  This was our second annual talent show and the acts included


How to Draw an Eyeball,

Flute Duet,

and the Super Skyscraper Builders,  (with apostrophes in the right places!)

and “Spanish”, which included an acoustic bass guitar, a regular acoustic guitar, a piano keyboard, a flute, and two vocalists.  Their humorous song was all about the students in the school and funny but nice things about them.  Here is one of my favorite verses:

Jeffery and Levi throw dirt at each other,
It is embarrassing to say this, but he is my brother.
Good-bye February Fun Days!  To see more February Fun Day ideas, click HERE.