Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mozart, Mendelssohn, and Mennonites

       Around fifty musicians--both singers and instrumentalists--gathered in Ephrata and Lititz, PA,  last weekend to make some beautiful music together.  Under the direction of Lloyd Kauffman, works including Mendelssohn's "Psalm 42", Mozart's "Ave Verum", and Bach's "Singet Dem Herrn" were performed.  Many teachers were present, some singing and playing, and some listening in the almost sold-out auditorium.  This was certainly great teacher enrichment time.  

      Though it was meant to be a one-time event, it was so enjoyable that there are requests already being made for another concert to be planned sometime in the future.  We shall see.  :-)

    For more information and to hear and see a brief snippet of Vivaldi's "Gloria" from a rehearsal, click here.