Monday, November 23, 2015

Still Life with Washable Markers and Water

This is a simple art project, but it has a special effect that makes it different and unique. 
First, my  husband raided my refrigerator.   He took apples, oranges, lemons and bell peppers out of it, then he grabbed a few bananas from the counter and a pumpkin from my fall table decorations.  Next he asked me to go to the grocery store and buy an eggplant and grapes.  Then, because he is exercising by riding his bicycle to school every day (and hasn't missed a day yet --thank you), he asked me to drive all of these fruits and veggies up to the school so that they wouldn't get squished in his backpack.  Being a good wife, I did.  

For the next art class, he let each student choose one or more of the fruits or veggies to sketch in pencil.  Then they outlined their sketches in Crayola Washable Markers.  (That last part was important.  Washable markers should be used, or this might not work.)  After doing this, the next step was to take a paint brush dipped in water and to "paint" the washable marker lines, pulling the brush toward the center of the drawing.  The color from the washable markers then bleeds in, coloring the rest of the drawing in a lighter shade for a really neat effect.