Monday, January 11, 2016

Swirly, Snowy Night

This is a great January art project.  We got it from, which is a fantastic resource for teachers.
First of all, draw the snowy ground line at the bottom.
Next, draw the snow-topped buildings, making sure they are touching, and add windows.
Then, draw the swirlies in the sky.  (Notice that they swirl in different directions, but they don't have to.)
Outline everything with a black marker.
Using water colors, paint the sky with one layer of blue.
Then go back and outline the swirlies, using blue again, to give them depth.

Paint the buildings with desired water color paints, leaving the snow on the tops of the buildings white.  (Paint the windows, too.)
After the water colors have dried, (the next art class period) add drops of snow using white tempera paint.
Don't forget to put snow on the buildings as well.
Happy January!