Monday, February 1, 2016

The Chickies

I was at school again helping Jeff clean up his room when I noticed the incubator in Whitney Burkholder's 7th grade classroom.  She is a great science teacher and something interesting is usually going on in her room-- that is why I always stop in to see her.  It was Friday and the blizzard was coming that afternoon.  We were all in a hurry to finish up and go home.

The day before the chickies hatched the blizzard hatched, too.  By the time the students returned to school on Wednesday they only had one egg left.  They got to see this last one emerge from its shell.  I have watched this many times (we used to have a small sheep and chicken farm; click HERE to read a little about that), but it never ceases to amaze me how something so cute and fluffy can emerge out of a smooth oval shell.   And it reminds me of how great our Creator is every time I witness such an event.

By the way, the students called them "the chickies" after Jeff began calling them "the chickies".  He says you have to pucker your lips and say it in a baby voice.  Try it.

Click here to read about our little farm.