Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Part of the Story Where the Piano Tuner Comes to Our House

     This is part of the story where the piano tuner comes to our house to tune the free Baldwin grand piano-- yes, you read that right-- the free Baldwin grand piano my son found on Craig's List.  (We also laughed when people had free snow posted on there.)  It was a bit out of tune and had a broken hammer or two and some strange vibrations, but no worries, Stephen the amazing piano guy took care of all of that.  We all watched in awe as he removed the action board and fixed all kinds of stuff we never even knew was in there.

I asked him what was the most interesting thing he had ever found inside a piano.  "A recently deceased mouse," was his answer.   He added that the mouse had made a nest and a big mess inside the piano.  The last piano tuner I asked had found a box with about $300 dollars inside a piano once.  I think I would rather find that than a dead mouse.  Next Stephen tuned it and promised to come back with a new hammer for one of the keys.  It is amazing what you can learn if you just watch and ask questions.