Saturday, June 25, 2016

Treasure-Hunting Teacher Scores Big

I am SO excited about teaching 7th and 8th grades next year.  I have all kinds of ideas for my classroom.  So, I've been out shopping, and today I went to get a ___________ which I found for FREE on Craigslist!  Score #1.  I will fill in the blank later, when I do a post on the ___________ .   I cannot do it now because it is a surprise for my new students and I have discovered that some of them read this.  
So, for now, it stays a secret.  (If anyone wants to guess and gets it right, I will personally go to Ken's Joys for you and buy you anything you want from there, within reason of course.)  
Anyway, my son and I went to get the free __________  and on the way I saw the above sign.  Score # 2.  Below is the one I found about two days ago.  Perhaps there is an impending epidemic?  

And of course, since it was Saturday, I stopped at every garage sale I drove past and snagged these two amazing Mission arts and crafts (his favorite style) chairs for hubby.  Score #3.  He was happy!
And yesterday I got this entire bin of brand-new math manipulatives for $5, and a handful of ex-library books for 75 
cents each.  Yay for summer.  Yay for thrift stores, garage sales, 
and free _________s.