Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fine Art for Fine Mennos

While I did purchase one motivational poster, and I do have one bulletin board in my classroom, we prefer to frame and hang fine art in our classrooms to give them more of a "homey" feel.  I want to give my students something beautiful to observe, and something to think about as well.  Above, Rembrandt's The Mennonite Preacher Anslo and his Wife,  below; left, torn paper art by a former student, and right, The Broad and the Narrow Way.   

 Above a photograph print by Ansel Adams hangs, below a photo of a medieval castle from a year in which we studied world history.  
Above is a print of another one of Rembrandt's paintings, The Prodigal Son, below is a close-up of The Broad and the Narrow Way.  

And, we love Dirk.  This print is not only a good reminder for us to love our enemies, but it is also nice to have around for Anabaptist history and discussions on non-resistance.
The prints are usually 18 x 24 or 24 x 36, and we purchase them online, on sale at reasonable prices.  The frames we get at resale stores and paint black, or buy them at 50% off sales.  
Since we get a few questions about some of these, here are a few more details, just in case you were wondering.
Dirk -  $6.95 for an 18 x 24 print
Anslo the Mennonite Preacher - or art. com
Broad and Narrow Way -