Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hang Stuff From the Ceiling - Classroom Decoration Week

For day two of Classroom Decoration Week here at the Plain Professors, I am sharing a few ideas I've gleaned from different sources.  So often we decorate the walls of our classrooms, but I also love to hang things from the ceiling.  Some of these ideas I have used, some of them I hope to use in the future.  These first two are from a shop in Stratford, Ontario:  umbrellas, and painted newsprint and wire butterflies.

I always try to put pictures on the wall of whatever we are studying in history, and this happened to be a world history year, but it was also a "Fruit of the Spirit" year, and I had hung fruit all over the ceiling.

Last year Jeff had his art and music classroom decorated in an ocean theme, so we hung sharks, turtles, fish, divers and whatnot from the ceiling.  (And they are still there waiting for us to take down and redecorate.)

These are just a few of the Chinese lanterns which my students had hung to decorate an office, but one year I had several different sizes and colors of these hanging in my classroom.  

A welder from our church made this metal frame for us one year. At first it had a solar system hanging from it, the next year it was full of birds and branches, the third year it was covered in blue cellophane with ocean animals, and the fourth it was decorated with butterflies and flowers.  (The large butterflies are kites; we usually hang a few kites from the ceilings.) 

And, I haven't used this one in a classroom yet although I did sew it for my daughter's bedroom.  It is just a hoola hoop, fabric, and ribbons.  It would make a great reading area if it hung down to the ground a had a few pillows underneath it.  
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Happy decorating!