Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Students Deserve This

It was time to decorate the high school music room . . . . 

When Jeff was a young budding symphony musician, he took auditions for major orchestras all over the United States.  One audition that he remembers vividly was for the Philadelphia Orchestra (which he won, by the way), held at the Curtis Institute of Music in downtown Philadelphia.   He remembers seeing beautiful artwork in gold frames, upholstered antique furniture, and pretty walls with woodwork.  The whole atmosphere seemed to be most honorable.  It made quite an impression on him, and when he decided to become a full-time teacher after nine years of being a full-time orchestra musician, he wanted his classrooms to look like Curtis.  He said that the students there must have felt very special -- and that is the way he wants his students to feel now.  

The melting clock was inspired by Picasso's Persistence of Memory, a print of which hangs behind his desk.  

                      Where we got the stuff: 
wooden furniture (except the piano) --from our collection                                                  (family antiques, garage sales, auctions)
fabric -- Goodville Fabric for $1 a yard 
poles -- $3 conduit painted black 
pictures -- garage sales, thrift stores
art print -- (Picasso)  purchased online 
plants and rugs -- Lowe's (we disciplined ourselves to stay in the sale section)