Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Menno Bigfoot and His Mom Go to West Chester University

Our son Joseph is taking a required speech class at West Chester University.  He decided to do his speech on Bigfoot.  He found a witness to a Bigfoot sighting, called and interviewed her, and researched the topic extensively-- even though he has been studying it for six years.  

He thought it would be a great attention-getter if someone dressed up in a Bigfoot costume came running in during his speech.  After looking at $200-$700 costumes online, I decided that I could sew one. We headed off to the fabric store, spent a total of $24, and in about one hour I finished the costume.  

I was so excited that I put it on and then spent nearly an hour hiding in the bushes in the front of our house in the rain waiting for my husband and children to come home in the car.  I planned to run across the yard in the costume.   I was wet, cold, and sore from squatting down behind the bushes every time a car, buggy, or police car drove by.  I was afraid maybe someone had called the cops on me. I was rehearsing my speech to them-- "I live here, and I sewed this costume for my son's speech class, and I'm waiting for them to come home so . . . . "  I went back inside. 

So anyway, here is his younger brother dressed up in the Bigfoot costume (okay, I know I need to work on the hood so it looks more like Bigfoot and not a bear or an Ewok) standing outside the speech room at West Chester University.  He did run into the room during his brother's speech and got quite a reaction.  
His brother's grade?  A+