Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Omega 3's, Raisins, and Some Carbs; a.k.a. "Eskimo Day"

Yesterday was "Eskimo Day", which caused my students much confusion.  The day before they were asking me all kinds of questions about it.  "Just trust me," I assured them.  We started out with cinnamon raisin bear claw biscuits and hot chocolate during our morning break.  Those went over well.  

At lunch I let them sample sardines on crackers.  That did not go over so well, but several adventuresome students did try them.  A few of them even discovered that they loved sardines and asked for more.  At the end of lunch, I surprised them with mini ice cream sandwiches. Those were much more popular than the sardines for some reason. We also made sugar cube igloos, but some students preferred to put the sugar cubes into their hot chocolate, or their mouths.