Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Lounge

I'm always in the process of rearranging my room, but I think I've gotten to where I'm pretty happy with it for now, for awhile at least. I recently added "The Lounge".   When all their work is done, the students may go to this comfy space to read, write, or play brain games.  They also use it during lunch time.  The big blue chair, a summer garage sale find, is also frequently used by visiting student teachers from Terre Hill High School next door, parents, or little brothers and sisters.  While a LOT of work does get done in my classroom (graphing algebraic inequalities and research papers this week), it is also nice to have a special place to study, read, or relax.
The fireplace is electric and is on loan to us from a student's family who was no longer using it. 

And just in case you are trying to read the "Lounge Area Rules" on the board-- here they are.
1.  It must be QUIET. (Banagrams on rug.)
2.  Math must be at 100% for the day--all fix-ups completed.
3.  No distracting others.
4.  All homework for the day must be completed.