Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Fabulous Field Trip to Colonial Williamsburg

I recently had the privilege and opportunity to spend an exceptionally wonderful day with my 8th grade homeroom students in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.  We have spent this year studying American History, so it seemed the perfect place to visit.  

We sang Thomas Tallis's "If Ye Love Me" inside the Bruton Parish church and watered the vegetable gardens at a colonial homestead.  
We toured the Governor's Mansion and listened to colonial era (classical/baroque) music played on period instruments.  We also visited homes and shops, and heard speeches about many aspects of colonial life, slavery, the American Revolution, property ownership, church membership, and at least a dozen other history-related topics.  
We ended the day at Christiana Campbell's Tavern where we feasted on fried chicken, spoon bread, sweet potato muffins, veggies, and ice cream.
And, I am not allowed to put pictures of my students' radiant, smiling faces on here because of a school policy which I gladly support, but here is a picture of their beautiful feet.  

A special thanks goes to Miss Martin who graciously shared her photos with me.