Thursday, February 26, 2015

Anabaptist & Spy Day -- February Fun Day #16

     This year we did things a little differently, with unusual results.  We split the students into two even groups with twelve on each team.  Their "job" was to let their leader know who they were so that the leaders could guess who was on the other team.  After the above poster went up the first hour, we realized it would probably be a draw.  So the Anabaptist team decided to play a different game.  They purposely didn't guess any spies, gave a bowl of candy to the spies, and ended the game at 3:00 with this note:
                                     We, the Anabaptists, chose not to harm our fellow men.
                                     There is a gift of love in the kitchen for all the spies.
Love wins!   We all win-- and we had a fun, different day.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Draw the Schedule Out of a Hat Day -- February Fun Day #14

     This was another new day we thought we would try this year.  We wrote every segment of the day (except for lunch) on a piece of paper, and then put them in a hat (or actually an Oasis Chorale bass section animal mask*).  Next, the students with summer birthdays drew a piece of paper out of the mask to see what class we would have next.  The day was all mixed-up, and we all thought that was fabulous.  

     After each twenty or thirty minute class, we would all meet together in anticipation as the next student drew our next class out of the mask.  The suspense and excitement were really infectious.  We decided to do this one again for . . . Fabulous Fun Fridays.  

     While I was researching February Fun Days, I stumbled upon a post about a school that had something like February Fun Fridays- they did something fun every Friday in February.  Well, I thought, we will still do something fun every day in February, and for the rest of the year we will also have Fabulous Fun Fridays.  Yay!  School doesn’t have to be boring.  Learning doesn’t, and should’t be boring either, as long as our focus is on the right thing:  The Reason Why.  

*To learn more about the Oasis Chorale bass section masks, click here.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Eskimo Day -- February Fun Day #12

     Brrrrrr. . . .
     I have to admit that I am usually racking my brain to come up with the last few February Fun Days.  So it was with this one-- Eskimo Day?  It ended up being in the 30s that day, which helped a lot.  Some of the students wanted to open up the windows, but that was quickly vetoed, although it would have been fun to try for a short time.  We were going to make igloos out of sugar cubes, but it is hard to find sugar cubes in Rosebud, Texas.  We did make bear paw cinnamon biscuits from canned biscuits by cutting three slits into one side of them, adding raisins for claws, and sprinkling sugar and cinnamon on the tops.  They were yummy, and it was delightful diversion from the normal morning break.  It was also hot lunch day, and the sewing ladies served us warm tortilla soup.  Spring is coming!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Historical or Bible Character Dress-up Day - February Fun Day #15

Mark Twain
     Last year we had a Bible character dress-up day.  This year we decided to have a Bible or historical character dress up day.  As usual, our students impressed me.  They really are learning!  
Albert Einstein
Harriet Tubman and Mary Lincoln
President Harrison (check out the hair in the little poster!)
Charles Lindbergh
Daniel Boone
Mark Twain with his house servant.
The teachers dressed up too.  Here are a Puritan lady and Lydia, appropriately wearing purple.
And here is Lydia joined by Rachel, Samuel, and Almonzo Wilder.
And, this was their idea.  Look closely-- Daniel Boone, Mark Twain, and Albert Einstein turned in their papers today. 

Bravo for student creativity!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Switch Rooms Day -- February Fun Day # 11

      This day was very different.  The 5 first and second graders moved their desks to the big "red room", the 12 junior high and high schoolers moved their desks to the medium-sized "orange room", and the 12 upper elementary students moved their desks to the little "green room" which is usually occupied by the five first and second graders.  Besides the usual hunting for books which just happened to be in the wrong room, the only real problem I faced was getting a lot of bruises while I tried to maneuver between the desks all squished together.  We all laughed about it and enjoyed the day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kite Day -- February Fun Day #9

There is something about a boy and a kite that just go together.  Last Thursday was Kite Day, and we were blessed with a cold front and lots of gusty wind.  It was a perfect day to fly a kite.  The students brought their kites to school, and at recess we were all out on the field on this blustery day with our eyes on the sky.  It was a gorgeous blue sky, strewn with high-flying kites.  Our students are always thinking up new things to do; this day they added yellow flagging tape to the tails of their kites,  and then found red flagging tape with "DANGER" and "CAUTION" written on it.  Oh, bother.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February Fun Day #10 -- Cookie and Chocolate Day

     I think February has always been one of my favorite months because it gave me an excuse to eat cookies and chocolate, not that I've never needed an excuse anyway.  One little delicacy I've always appreciated is a homemade, iced sugar cookie.  I was overjoyed to see a plate of them when I walked into my first English class last Friday.  Everyone in the class received one, and we all greatly savored them.
     I treated all the students to one of my favorite sweets: chocolate covered cherries.  Students also shared muffins, snicker doodles, M&Ms, caramel-filled Hershey Kisses, and chocolate covered strawberries with their fellow students and the teachers.  It was a delicious day.  

February Fun Day #6 -- No Electricity Day

  Yesterday we went without music, without lights, without heat -- well, not without heat.  It was 76 degrees out, so we didn’t really have that problem.  To all our friends up north, remember; we rarely get a snow day.

     The candles all over the school did create a pleasant scent which added to the ambiance of our school this day.  No wax spilled, nothing caught on fire.  It was a good day.

Friday, February 13, 2015

February Fun Day #8- Open House Practice Day

     This was our fourth annual Open House, and it was the best one we’ve had.  On this night, the students have the opportunity to present what they have been learning to the parents and church.  The students have become better speakers, and they work better than ever together as a team.   It was a delightful evening.  

Here is the program, and following are the pictures.  (The last two were taken by Lexi Miller.) Enjoy!

LMS Open House 2015

Spelling Bee             Treva Wesselink

Mental Math             Trevor Miller & Shawna Lantz

General Science        Timmy Fisher

Music                        Logan Friesen

Miss Delores’s Phonics Class

Algebra II                  Lexi Miller

Spanish                      Brielle Helmuth & Trevor Miller

Spelling Test             Vangie Friesen

Home Economics      Mary Swanson

Marine Biology          Lexi Miller

Oregon Trail Speech     Logan Friesen

Grizzly Grizzly Bears    Joseph Swanson

Art                                Levi Swanson

Snack                            Diana Wesselink & the Home Economics Class




Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Fun Day #5 - Move Your Desk Day

     This day is always a fun, albeit challenging one.  The students are allowed to move their desks anywhere they like-- as long as they are still in the school.  It is sometimes hard to find them when it is time for classes.
     The front entranceway was popular this year, as was the library.
One brave young lady moved her desk right next to the front door.  (She was wearing her jacket.)
And I would have parked my desk right here-- with a good view of Europe.  
Viva la February Fun!