Monday, April 1, 2013

February and March at LMS

The third quarter has ended, we pulled off the Underground Railroad Honor Roll Party, and spring is here! 

This is a wonderful book we just read on the Holocaust from the Threads curriculum available from Christian Learning Resources.  In the story, a little girl finds out that another little girl and her family (Jews) are hiding in their cellar.  I won’t share the rest of the story, because then you might not read the book for yourself.  After we finished reading the book in class, I spotted one of the second graders reading it again on his own. 
This is how my desk looked on February 14th.  
We helped plan a couple’s night for the church this past month also.  An Asian theme was chosen, and a few ladies had a myriad of ideas.  The school students helped us decorate and here are the results.

One of the families from our church and school just returned from the mission field.  They had spent three years in Kenya, Africa.  One of their daughters gave me this.

No, it is not a basket made by a child.  This was made by a bird.  A weaver bird to be exact.  And she told me that they use their beaks and feet to “weave” the pieces of grass almost like a human.  Amazing!  And, inside the nest, the bird even “carpeted” it with leaves.  God made some absolutely amazing creatures.  

This was taken at the last auction.  We happened to notice that each one of these four of these moms was sitting in her own child’s desk.  The really interesting fact is that they didn’t plan to do it.  
I turned 50 this month.  I felt like sharing these two pictures only because I have some really creative and funny friends.  I love chocolate, and here is my cake.  
Even the “Snickers” part was edible sugar paper with food coloring letters.  And it had layers of caramel inside too.  It was fabulous.

And I laughed out loud at this when I went out to my car at the end of the day.

In case you can’t see it clearly, it says, 
“Thank u 4 teechin mee Howe two right and spell :-)”.   
God bless moms with a sense of humor.

This is going to take some explaining.  First of all, every once in awhile I allow the students to draw something creative instead of writing a page in their journals.  They usually get an encyclopedia and draw several pages of interesting things they find in it along with explanations.  

So. . . I get this ????   

First of all, this was drawn by a third grader.  That explains a little, I hope.  
And he is a boy.  That explains even more.  
“Lexi” is a high school girl that the gentlemen in the school like to annoy by putting snails with little snail houses on her desk, and by telling her about extraterrestrials, or aliens.  Now, how the alien got a veil, and how she became a Mennonite alien . . . well, those are just the meanderings of the mind of a strange, creative child.